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The majority of hotel bookings are made via the internet with one of the top search phrases being cheap hotels, not to infer that everyone wants a one star hotel but that searchers are seeking the best priced hotels at the quality that they require whether they are pensions, b and b establishments, 5 star hotels or an apartment or villa. The internet has revolutionized the method of finding cheap accommodation worldwide, no more waiting in a queue at the local travel agents or writing to hotels and not knowing whether your letter will receive an answer. Websites such as this one provide details of low priced hotels all over the world with very small overheads (no expensive brochures to produce and distribute) and consequently, can offer very low priced accommodation to their clients.

How can we offer hotel accommodation cheaper than the hotels themselves? Hotels set a ‘rack rate’, this is their standard rate for a room when booked in small numbers; as with all products a bulk buyer will be able to negotiate larger discounts, the higher the number of rooms bought the higher the discount that is given. A major tour operator who books say fifty per cent or more of the hotel in peak seasons gives the hotel assurance that their hotel rooms will be full and that the residual activities such as bars, restaurants, gift shops, tennis courts, spas and gyms will be doing business. All manner of staffing and product requirements can then be ordered in the knowledge that money will not be wasted.

As a website offering cheap hotel accommodation, remember the definition is for low priced accommodation of any standard, we cannot as yet match the buying power of the multi national tour operators but our overheads are much lower and we can and do compete extremely well on our prices to the customer. We pay more for our hotel accommodation but sell cheaper hotel accommodation than our main competitors; we believe that with your support we’ll soon be buying more hotel rooms and selling more, cheap hotel space than the big multi national companies who have dominated the market for years.

This is not only the case for cheap hotels but also applies to self catering apartments, especially in large ‘aparthotels’ offering large numbers of almost identical self catering holiday apartments. These are often handled by large management companies and short term lets are sold off in much the same way as hotel rooms. Holiday villas, although not as numerous as holiday apartments are often marketed in the same manner, if owners have no marketing costs they are able to sell occupancy to marketing specialists for less than the going rate.

What is the future for cheap hotels or perhaps I should say inexpensive accommodation? I believe that the majority of holidays will be booked by individuals via the internet by booking flights and accommodation separately. Travel agents will become ‘bespoke’ specialists serving a small elite market who want an all in ‘package’ holiday with no fuss or bother and are prepared to pay for the service. Something like Thomas Cook offered in his early days before catering for the mass market while internet sites like ours will continue to offer cheap hotel accommodation to those prepared to put in a little effort in their search for value for money accommodation.